f*ck 250 words, this a decent poem

Well, there’s a lover and a song,
both which came undone,
when you turned history,
into donkey kong.

And there’s a heart that beats,
right between the sheets,
of all that’s lost,
that will never be.

But I turn my head away,
leave that awful bay,
cause life is more than,
staring into mis-er-ay.

Love is gained and lost,
like Tom Frost,
standing, in, the, San, Di,ego, Sun.

Love is gained and lost,
like Tom Frost,
sometimes we have to cool,
to see what it’s cost.

And there’s that lover and a song,
Whispering bygones,
Hoping that rhymes
fit what they’ve crossed.

She had auburn hair,
red lips that were the pair,
Smiling at all
without a hint of despair.