everyone loves the sound of a train in the distance

There’s a woman at the Greenville station waiting for a train to arrive. At the same time, there’s a man on a train, hurtling towards that station that can’t wait to meet that woman with a kiss.

These are the poles of the story. In between, there’s hope and lust and love. And just a little bit of magic.

The man on the train, Jack, has a horrible headache. He puts his head against the window hoping to rest. A rest that doesn’t come.

He dreams of himself on that train- missing his stop. Walking down to the vestibule, and seeing no one there. In the dream, he pushes the button to open the outside doors, but the train is still traveling. He falls to the floor and grabs a fixture to keep from going over.

A woman appears, opening the vestibule doors, with a flowing dress caressing her skin. She offers him a hand.

“I just missed my stop.” He says.

“You didn’t.” She replies and leads him to her room on the train.

They make love as the train rumbles through the stops. When they’re resting in each other’s arms, he feels the train slowing down. He’s almost asleep as he see’s Greenville approaching, and feels his heart almost giving up.

There’s a woman on a platform in Greenville, longing for her lover. Wondering why he didn’t disembark off his train. She shouts Jack, but Jack’s heart has no rhythm but that of that of the track now.