wrong purchases

It doesn’t sound natural- not the way I thought it would. Each strip that we peel from the old kitchen, which you suggested purchasing, just screeches “wrong!”.

I try to not listen to the wall. After all, throughout history walls have had shitty restoration tips. I’m pretty sure they said sell when “Flip My House” said buy. But no matter, I can’t shake the instinct in my head saying this was, and is, a dump.

Perhaps I’m hypersensitive. Perhaps the the roaches gathering around my feet are a source of protein that will soon prove invaluable. But I don’t think this is true. For one thing, you don’t find bugs to be appetizing. For another, I don’t think I could ever eat one.

We’re peeling off wallpaper, roaches are all around, but that’s ok. We’ll take care of them soon.. So, now that we’re talking, when does the time come? Cause I’m pretty damn tired of the roaches running around.

We step slowly through our newly redecorated apartment and wonder, “what did the people who lived here before us think of?”. Each layer of wallpaper brings us closer to the previous owners and answers. The orange colors makes you turn to me and say,

“Maybe we could live in a hut.”

“It would be basic and functional. Would you like that?”


“Let’s find something to your taste then.”

“Sounds good.”

“Not orange and brown?”

“Those are horrible colors.”

“Maybe some colors that include us?”

“That sounds like a plan.”