while asking that mr mozart looks down from heaven and smiles

Take a sip of time,
and with it, look sublime,
past the old factories we drive by
on our way out of town.

Don’t address me in the second,
when you mean the first,
And when Mozart on the radio takes a pause,
feel free to say
just because.

But there’s no movement
coming to classical music at his moment
and there’s no string section
looking down on us and tuning violins.

Most likely, Mozart himself,
never drove past sanctuaries of hope
and there was nothing in his life
but lots of waiting
and wading
in the music he wrote.

Most likely Mozart was an ass,
and I don’t say this with any semblance of class,
but just looking at the odds
that half of the population is more of an ass
than the other
and flipping a coin.

Maybe Mozart, through his music,
flew over any such calculations,
that would leave the rest of us,
scratching our heads.

Maybe he was great, and blessed us with the tunes,
he chose to create.
Maybe that’s a damn good reason to let him go on on the radio,
Instead of speeding through the classical channel.

But maybe not.

Maybe, it’s time to listen critically once again.
Do a blind taste test of music as it were
and let Mr. Mozart, fall or rise
wherever he’d like.

Maybe all the greats,
should take a test ride
just to see what it’s like
looking from the outside,
in on a world of hope.