watch the derby from your favorite chair

“I rode a camel to the derby.”
“A camel?”
“It seemed to fit. They’re very slow moving animals, but they get there.”
He put out his cigarette.
“You think this place is haunted?”
“The hotel or the town?”
“The hotel. But the town is something to consider.”
“The hotel? Probably. A ghost is good for business. We’ve mentioned the hotel three times already.”
“But not the name.”
“Good point.”
“So I rode the camel to the derby. It went well, all thing considered. I think it built up my fast karma.”
“Your fast karma?”
“Once I got to the derby I was greased lightning.”
“Wouldn’t grease lightning catch on fire?”
“It would- but it’s still a good phrase.”
“True. It evoked a vivid image.”
In front of us the bottle of Beefeater gin shattered.
“I think the ghost wants us off the gin.”
“Or maybe he wants the tonic water.”
“Who would want tonic?”
“Maybe it’s in need of Quanine.”
“What is Quanine?”
“It-” and while looking at the tonic water, it disappeared.
“That’s a good trick.”
“You think it was a trick? What makes you say that?”
“There are strings attached to each bottle.”
“You’re shitting me.”
But there were strings attached to each bottle. And the strings led to his hands.
“You’re a regular Godfather.”
“I do what I can.” He smiled.
“But now we’re out of Gin and Tonic.”
“I’m trying to build up karma.”
“Let me know how that goes, will you?”
“Why bloody not? Etc.”