waltz with no rhyme

We’re standing, alone, on the balcony. I’m looking at the city from the rail, looking at the lights shining through the night like stars. I’m at my friend’s Sal’s apartment. He had a party earlier but that’s been over for a while. I pushed on the railing earlier, but it seemed to be strong enough to hold my weight.

She’s standing next to me, I can hear her soft breathing. But I don’t say anything. I’m waiting for her to speak to me. I’m wearing a two piece suit, she’s wearing a dress, black like a funeral, but in a cut that betrays love. Finally, she speaks.

“Did you know I was here?” She looks at me when she speaks.

“I smelled your perfume.” My eyes are trained on a single light, at the top of a single building.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“You’re always here.” I’m looking straight into her eyes. There’s makeup around them, but they seem more real then ever.

I see the tears build. I want to kiss each one of her eyes. I want to hold her in my embrace, tell her that love is the four letter word to cure all of our maladies. But I don’t say anything.

I brush my hand down the top of the back of her dress, let it rest on the small of her back. I’m touching spaghetti straps that are behind her when I rest my hands on her hips, on her sides.

We kiss, silently.