The sweetest winds they blow across the south

The southern wind doesn’t blow hard- it’s more of a warm embrace. The typical comparison is to a nor-eastern, but that comparison is full of contrasts and fallacies. No, the southern wind is a slow drawl of comfort enveloped in warmth and skies full of stars.

I felt this wind walking to Rosie’s diner in Raleigh. I felt silly, instead of prudent, wearing my full length wool coat. I took my seat in a booth. At Rosie’s, “Please wait to be seated” is simply a joke, meant to alienate the non-locals.

I ordered coffee and a pack of cigarettes with a wink- Monica, the waitress, smiled and walked away.

I was half through the coffee when Maria walked in. I stood to give her a hug. We held each other tightly before breaking.

“How the hell are you?” I asked, looking at the brightness of her eyes.

“Good. I’ve been good- how are you?” She asked while removing her also unnecessary gloves.

“I can’t complain- just getting settled in.” I said while sliding in the booth.

She looked like a four syllable word. Mag-nif-ic-ent. I don’t even think that was just been my heart taking her in as a whole.

She was in town interviewing for a nursing position- I had moved here a year ago. There were plenty of smiles and our hands brushed against each other for brief moments as we shared cigarettes. It was dry outside. We made love in the static of the air between our fingers.