The Proper Setting

She wore a t-shirt that hugged her body tight and warm under a sweater. He told her that this made her look elegant.

And it did.

They met at a bar- one with loud music and tvs and all the usual distractions. They spied a back room for a while- then finally made it their own.

There was a glorious empty bar, with tables to the side. A pinball machine was in the corner unplugged.

They took a seat at the bar, facing each other in the mirror.

Her eyes sparkled with a solar system all her own. He told her this. She returned the compliment. But I have no way to verify this.

They talked for hours.

Two? Three? Five? Time seemed to stand still around them.

They shared a few cigarettes, talking of the mild night. But not in the usual way people talk about the weather- they talked about the mild night with a gratitude that comes from having someone to share it with.

There were electric touches between them as they shared cigarettes- but without the static. Focused. On each other. On the moment.

He walked her home- there was no wind to speak of. Just voices and laughter and the occasional hand brushing against the other.

When they arrived at her apartment, they embraced.

“I’ll see you soon.” he said.

“Soon.” she repeated.

Then there were the sparkles in her eyes all over again- and it was all he could do to walk home.