look across the room and see if you can still read this title

Think black. But blonde roots showing. That’s her hair. For her eyes think bright. Then look at them across the room and see them light up. That’s enough of that.

For a plot, place her in a party and see how you would get to know her. Would you walk up to her? Probably not. Maybe you have a friend or two in common. Maybe you stand next to her at the bar while getting drinks and make a sarcastic remark. Not too mean, though, you don’t know her, and you just want to be light hearted and witty.

And then, for more of a plot, maybe look above her eyes, at the way her hair is flowing out of her head, and remember that you’ve been here before. Make sure she’s talking to you before you do this though; it’s rude to stare at stranger’s hair. But, if she is making some witty remark right back, after laughing a bit, follow that strand of hair with your eyes. Follow it to where it ends at her arm and look at the hint of a remnant tattoo she has there. Ask her the small talk questions about what she does for a living and how long she’s been living in this city and what music she likes and who she reads while you’re thinking about how damn lucky you are to be talking to her. And then, and not to her, say a silent prayer of thanks for tattoo removal.