broken plates

The plate fell into the cast iron sink and instantly broke. Or, better yet, the plate was thrown into the cast iron sink and shattered to pieces. Yes, that’s more illustrative.

Mary Ann left the plate in the sink. She wasn’t really interested in washing dishes anyhow, and the broken plate was a perfect excuse. She wiped her hands on her grey pant legs and sat down at the table. Reaching into a pack of cigarettes on the table, she fished one out, studied it, and reconsidered. No one smoked inside any more. She’d have to wait for later.

With nothing to do, Mary Ann turned on the television. The local morning news was on. She changed the channel. Again. She landed on HBO which was running an old movie. Gregory Peck was nowhere to be seen, so she turned the set off. She picked up her pack of cigarettes and walked outside to her porch. She lit the cigarette without any sense of urgency, staring in the general direction of the sun.

“Mary Ann, is that you?” Robert lived next door.

“Hi Bob. How’s it going?” She squeezed out a squinted smile, thinking to herself, this is silly, too many s’s.

“Pretty good. Too gorgeous today to go into work, huh?”

“Yep.” she said. Then Mary Ann looked at the sky. It was gorgeous. She  hadn’t noticed. She would have to thank Bob for pointing it out. And reminding her to get to work. She waved and walked inside.